How to choose a Career?


Before choosing your career, you need to understand, what all are your talents.

How to identify your Talents (Intelligence)
There are 3 Main talents which everyone have.

Inborn Talents or Natural Talent : which comes from Birth (God gift)

Acquired Talent : Which we acquire by extra efforts and Hard work.

Influenced Talent : Which comes from by others influence or Motivational

Important Points to be consider before choosing a Career

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Choose your career based on your Inborn talent. because which will help you thought Life. you always Enjoy doing what you want and achieve your dream.

If You choose your career based on Acquired Talent, you have to put extra effort to achieve your goal.

we don’t recommend you to choose your career based on Influenced talent, which does not motivate you for long life.

We Strongly Recommend

Consult a certified career counselor.

Take Talent Test and find which is your inborn talent.

Take career guidance test to find best possible career options based on career test report.

Career stage is the most important stage. do it proper career planning and achieve your goal

Career Choices are Life Choices, Take Them seriously…& Succeed in your life…

How to Choose a Career

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