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DMIT Franchise in USA

DMIT Franchise in India We are Certified DMIT companies in India. We DMIT Test Lab Providing DMIT franchise in India since from more than 4 years. We are one of the leading educational consultants for schools, Colleges and institutions. Our vision is to be the premier DMIT Test Franchise Provider across India. We are working […]

DMIT Training Details

Q. what you teach in DMIT Training, Could you explain What Topics  Which you cover in DMIT  Online Training Program.? Ans. Our DMIT Training Program Divided Into 8 Modules   1. Introduction to Dermatoglyphics & multiple intelligence Test 2. Brain Structures and Lobe Functions 3. Fingerprints and Brain Lobes Correlations 4. Understanding Types of Fingerprints […]

DMIT Report Accuracy

Q. How do we know your DMIT Report accuracy? How to check your report Accuracy. How do you authenticate your DMIT Report Accuracy? Ans. DMIT Report Accuracy is depends on Fingerprint Analyst and DMIT Software Technology. DMIT Lab is an International Certified Company. All Our Fingerprint Analysts are certified and Qualified Professionals. Our DMIT Software […]

How Reliable is DMIT Test.?

Qn. How reliable (trustworthy) is DMIT Test.? Any research paper (reference material) is there to authenticate the DMIT Test.? ANS. There are over 800 research papers available on Fingerprints & Dermatoglyphs In below Description can find top International Journals Research paper The association between dermatoglyphics & schizophrenia by using fingerprint asymmetry methods World Scientific Publishing […]