We all grow up asking ourselves sometimes “What am I good at?” and “What should I do to be successful?”. Some people have the advantage of living in a better condition to discover their abilities at the early age, therefore they can invest in their strengths to be successful. But most of others have to search for their aptitudes for much of the lifetime.

Fingerprint biometrics has been developed to discover hidden talent in each person, especially kids and students. It can also help balancing the two brain lobes in studying to activate potentials which might never be awaken without being explored at the early stage.

Don’t wait if you can know your child’s innate ability now. Show them the right way, or change your career path for more achievements, why not?  

Down load DMIT Software

Instruction video on YouTube


  • Run on Windows XP, Windows 7 and above
  • FS-80H fingerprint scan software included
  • Semi-automatic fingerprint analysis software
  • Automatic export of 44-page-report
  • Report accuracy up to 90-95%

Setup Instructions

  1. Download and setup software…
  2. Download and setup .NET if it has not been setup in your computer
  3. Download and setup FS-80H scan control program (please note to choose the version workable with Windows)
  4. Setup msi
  5. Open VIKING-BIOFinger-2
  6. For the first time of opening: Copy key to send the distributor or buy the access. When the software has been activated, click OK à updated software expiry date à turn off the software and reopen.

mit1 - Dmit Software - Fingerprint biometrics

Data management and fingerprint scanning

1. Data management

VIKING BIOFinger/Main display

New : Create a new customer profile

Delete: Delete customer data

mit2 - Dmit Software - Fingerprint biometrics

2. Fingerprint scan

VIKING BIOFinger -> Scan

  • Click Scan to start scanning fingerprints
  • Start scanning from thumb to little finger, from left to right hand
  • Click Enter to save fingerprints
  • Scanned fingerprints can be changed by left clicking to the box requiring to change

mit3 - Dmit Software - Fingerprint biometrics

Fingerprint types

Hereunder are types of fingerprints to help you distinguish them in the following step

  1. Arch (0 Delta – 0 Core)

mit4 - Dmit Software - Fingerprint biometricsmit4 1 - Dmit Software - Fingerprint biometrics

2. Loop (1 Delta – 1 Core)

mit5 - Dmit Software - Fingerprint biometricsmit5.1 - Dmit Software - Fingerprint biometrics

3Whorl (2 Delta – 1 hoặc 2 Core)


mit6 - Dmit Software - Fingerprint biometricsmit6.1 - Dmit Software - Fingerprint biometrics

Classify and analyse fingerprints

Main display -> VIKING BIOFinger -> Classification

Note: Please select the right Fingerprint type and number of Ridge Count (the print between core and delta)

mit7 - Dmit Software - Fingerprint biometrics

Exporting report

Main display à Export

Report can be exported only after fingerprint scan and classification are done.

mit8 - Dmit Software - Fingerprint biometrics

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