DMIT Analysis & Brain Lobes

Brain Lobes & Multiple Intelligence Test

   Left Brain

 – Left Frontal lobe Function

  Numeric and Analysis. Logical Reasoning. Conceptual        Understanding. Computation Process. Linguistic  Grammar.

 – Left Occipital Lobe Function

 Occipital lobe mainly applied in Visual  Perception.  Visual    Identification.   Interpretation.Observation and  Reading.

 – Left Parietal Lobe Function

 Action Identification.Fine Motor Skills. Control of Body  Movements

 – Left Temporal Lobe Function

 Language Understanding. Audio Identification.Memory  and Multi.    Language Ability.

DMIT Test Analysis 1 - Dmit Software - Fingerprint biometrics3 não - Dmit Software - Fingerprint biometrics

 Right Brain

  – Right Frontal Lobe Function

 3D Visualization. Picture Imagination. Idea  formation  and Visual Spatial Ability

  – Right Occipital Lobe Function

 This will mainly handles Visual Perception. Visual  Appreciation. 3D Visualization. Aesthetic Sense  and  Fine Arts.

  – Right Parietal Lobe Function

 Body Movement and Sense. Gross Motor Skills.  Rhythmic Movement.

  – Right Temporal Lobe Function

 Music appreciation ability. Auditory Controls.  Feelings and Emotions


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